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I'm going to miss FurFright again this year

I want to go but ...
a) It's too far to commute - especially if Friday or Saturday turned into late nights.
b) Everyone I know who's going is set up with rooms or is staying with friends off site.
c) I cannot afford a room alone.

Same story as last year.


I can get you some roomies? :) Gushi's looking for a room (I told him he could room with me if he wanted, but the rooms' getting crowded). If you need a ride up/back, we've only got two in the car atm, and we're going up thurs night, and coming back mon afternoon.

I've decided that I wanna go too.

Share a room with ya? :)
Thanks, G, but I think I'll take Ion up on this one.

Ion - could you do the reservation please?
I'll be up from work on Friday evening and leave Sunday evening so Sunday night is not necessary for me.

Is your folks phone # still the same (ends in 00?) if so, let's set up a call time.

And I will have Phang the Sabretooth with me.