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Kirin 01 - portrait

Happy Birthday Geoffrey

Well it's Geoffrey's Birthday. Who? The giraffe from Toys 'R Us.

So what you ask? Well, they are doing a "Buy one get one free" boardgame sale today and tomorrow.

So what you ask? Well, the game "Heroscape" is included. The game is a miniatures based hex grid game with interlocking 3D hex tiles that can be stacked and added to. The terrain alone is worth the cost of the game. The base set is $40, but with the sale you get TWO sets for that price. The combat is fairly simple, but interesting. Check out the demo on their web site.
There are also expansions available.

Mooncat, Camstone, Gneech - this might be right up your alley.


Ooooooo! interesting. -Frisk
BWHAHAHAHA... you should play the online version... it's hilarious!!!


And thanks... I'll look into this... looks kinda cool!
I did play online - my dragon easily got all four of the pests that were trying to disturb it.
MooiVos and I went out and got 2 of the games... so far, looks good. Thanks Smrgol... appreciate the find.
now i've seen it i want that game!!!

but i have no one to play it with u.u

so i guess i can wait *sigh*
Sounds cool! :)