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Kirin 01 - portrait

Second Life ...

Since Second Life is now running a free startup, rather than the $9.95 cost, I've joined up.  Nexxus of FurNation has set up a good Furry Community.
He posted the info in alt.lifestyle.furry a few days back.

There are several folks who do custom Avatars, but they cost  at least 800 Luxen (the money unit - you get a base L300 "salary" to work with).

I know you can earn by building and selling stuff in-game, but I have no idea how to start doing so, nor even what modelling program to use.
I haven't had time to research though.

It looks like fun though.  If resources are pooled, we could buy land and actually build Homestead.


what is your name on SL?
i joined since i read this post and you can get some animal avatars for L1 n.n
i got a few, see my lj post n.n
(click on the link)
L1 n.n ???

I've been in game less than an hour so far. I don't even know how to navigate well yet.
same as me n.n