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Kirin 01 - portrait

Second Life ...

Since Second Life is now running a free startup, rather than the $9.95 cost, I've joined up.  Nexxus of FurNation has set up a good Furry Community.
He posted the info in alt.lifestyle.furry a few days back.

There are several folks who do custom Avatars, but they cost  at least 800 Luxen (the money unit - you get a base L300 "salary" to work with).

I know you can earn by building and selling stuff in-game, but I have no idea how to start doing so, nor even what modelling program to use.
I haven't had time to research though.

It looks like fun though.  If resources are pooled, we could buy land and actually build Homestead.


I'm up for it. I've only got something around 700 Lin. tho. *Is still trying to figure out how to build avatars-all of her stuff is shapes. Stupid shapes! >.<*
I just have to find the program to MAKE the shapes.

3D Studio Max is nice, but it's several hundred dollars minimum for a "real" version of the program.

I'm hoping that there's a less expensive route.