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Kirin 01 - portrait

A chuckle for the Foxes from another list I get ...

I was watching a British detective story on TV. The local group was
gathering in their hunting best for a fox hunt. In the opening scene my
9 year old daughter wanted to know what the people were doing,
noticing the formal hunting outfits and well groomed horses. I replied
that they were looking for a fox. There was a short stunned silence
and then she asked: "Is it a really important fox?"
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And your reply was????

My guess is,... it is a Yiffy fox. What is Yiffy? Well that is a story for another time.

BTW having just learned you have children or at least one. How do they view you when you are in costume? Ever thought of bringing them to a con or meet?

Re: And your reply was????


He was posting verbatim from the list, not an actual conversation.

Unless Smrgol is keeping one heck of a secret from his friends and family, he is very single and has no children.

Re: And your reply was????

I have kids?

Read the header again - passed on from another group.

Closest I have to a kid is a 9 yr old nephew who thinks the costumes are cool.

Nephews and costumes

*brag brag* My nephew is already fursuiting. Check him out as an anthropomorphic deity here.

Re: Nephews and costumes

Yes, I was in on the discussion of how to make the suit. It came out well.
"Yes. A very important fox named 'Camstone'." :=3
*checks watch* What, am I late again?