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What else would you do with it?


It's a Radio Shack XMODS Evolution Truck, a 2006 Ford F150 Extended Cab.
The body was orange and WAY too plain on its own.
What isn't listed in the picture text is the custom hood, wheel flares, grille and bumper.
The plates on the truck match the image in the lower right too.


Orange is good. My friends kid me because I've owned far too many orange vehicles. Currently I have none. I must fix this oversight. The Radio Shack paint scheme aint bad.
Needs to have some red added to it... but then I have a bit of red shift that I have to deal with.
Best I can do for red is an '04 Mustang.
Hmm dats nice. Rather have this though:

awesome i wish i had that tiger too!

where ya find that pic?!
I was just doing my typical Google picture search for “Tiger” a few years back and bam 3rd or 4th page back...there it was in front of me taunting me, calling out to me...just about wet myself.
I have a '02 Mercury Cougar. Immediately thoughts of a paint job came to mind. Costs immediately made said thoughts go poof. *paws the air* Come back! I can afford you! I’ve got a kidney to sell!

I saw a Lotus similar to that on my way home a couple of nights back.
It was just in yellow though, not tiger.