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50% Packet Loss

That's what the tech guy said when he tested the cable online.

My 'net connection is VERY flaky right now.

It's hit or miss as to whether this gets out or not.

It makes connecting iffy at best until next Tuesday morning when I'm home for a tech call.

Until then it's disable and reconnect every few minutes.  *sigh*

But between now and then it's Midwest Furfest!  See you there!


Yeah, I could revert to AOL dial-up if all else fails.

For now I'll stay with the cable and some hope.

I won't have time for World of Warcraft, Second Life or EQ2 before I leave for MFF anyway, and my online bills are paid up.

I'm betting the storms last weekend knocked something loose down the line somewhere. It's all overhead wiring in my neighbourhood.