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Furry Weekend Atlanta?

I've been thinking of doing this con in 2006.
I just have to figure out expenses ...


FWA is a fun con. Five hundred attended this year. I am planning to go, but airfare is very expensive. The hotel is one of the cheaper ones, and there is food nearby. (The hotel's food was kinda crappy, but maybe that was just me.)

Hope to see you there, or at FC! (Or both!)

FWA is in my thoughts currently

FC is out for a few reasons, but hope to see you at FWA!
i don't think i'd ever be so lucky x.x

Well, the airfare is expen$ive.
So that may stop my plans.
airtran not ata had the low fare.

Also I just noticed that Delta is matching the low fare also when I looked though travel.yahoo.com but Delta's site makes it hard to find.

Also on Wednesday it is $89 not $104, same for return on Tuesday but the costs of a longer stay far outweigh that.

I note that for MFF I had 108 r/t including tax flying the airline that just crashed into a busy street around MDW.
hope you can work it out.