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I saw Narnia today ...

You should see it too.  It is faithful to the book and the effects and CGI work are seamless.

It'll translate to the small screen OK, but it is worth seeing it in the theatre.

I hope it does well enough to let them consider doing the rest of the series.


yeah. I saw that today too. Give it big thumbs up. -Frisk
Totally agree. I hope they at least do the ones the BBC covered(I can live without them doing a horse and his boy and magician's nephew... by live I mean, as a quadrapalegic in a vegetative state, but we'l lmanage :) Those're my two favourite books, too! D'oh!) If they did the WHOLE series, I'd, um.. seriously have to consider purchasing the tape-collection thrice over just to be safe :3 Much love to narnia(My FAVOURITE book series of ALL time.. hooray jesus! I still think of jesus as a lion, thank you Mr. Lewis!)
the rest of the sereis is already planed as far as i know

but i agree it was great