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Kirin 01 - portrait

Pictures! FC 2004

Thanks to Frysco. my Further Confusion 2004 pictures are up.



Huh. Inflatable fursuit. That's unique. But then again how the heck do you get by without having a 24/7 hard on considering what you're rubbing up against? *shakes head* I don't want to know. Forget I said anything. :xP


Memory file deleted.
eh did you say something?


If you are talking about the blue tiger in the shot with the Gneech (who had just won Iron Artist), that is *not* an inflatable suit.

It's all him. He's a good person to chat with too.



That's....er...that's.....He sure fills it out well. =^o.O^=
Oooo... cool pirate compass!