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VW Service 155,000 Miles

Once again I'm at VW using the unsecure network. This time my input is by my Sony PSP (an LJ first maybe?). The text input takes some getting used to but isn't too bad.

Today it's an oil change, yearly state inspection and they have found a leak in the oil cooler. it looks like a $700 day.

*sigh* The "joys" of owning a car, eh?

More later from a "real" computer...


STrange. I just had a VW oil cooler go kaboom on me as well.

The Followup:

Out by 12:30 (4 hrs).

$613.39, the big item being the Oil Cooler. it was not actually leaking - yet - but the tech had to replace the hoses (which were beginning to leak) and said that the oil cooler wold probably go soon "so you may as well get it done now". The 155K service actually came at 154,637 miles an I needed to get the State Inspection done by the end of the month.

I'm going to have to look a bit more closely at the new sticker, as they have changed it.

So the car is good for another 5000 miles (about 10 weeks of driving for me). Unfortunately the next service is a major tune up so will also be in the $600 range. Anyway, that's not until spring.

Re: The Followup:

New New York inspection now lasts until the end of the month punched rather than a date printed on the sticker. If I recall, this is a return to a former way of doing the sticker. The date on the printed one usually faded out after about nine months.

The inspection mileage is written on the back too. They also didn't give me the emissions test results printout.
I'm so glad I purchased my extended warrantee on my Cougar. My trans died on me 2 weeks ago. It would have cost me in the $1,800 range if I didn't have the extended warrantee. AS it stands I paid the $50 deductible and drove home.

PS- The trans died at 58,000 miles. *kicks his car*
I'm not really upset with what's been going on, after all, the car has had over twelve years of "average" mileage in less than half that length of time.

The VW posts are made for two reasons - first it's a quick service log for me, and second, there's not a heck of a lot to do for four hours in a service waiting room and they kill some time (although as things got quieter I commandeered the cable remote and switched from FOX to the Discovery Channel.