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Meet Phredd


Phredd is a "Biomech Constructor" in the new MMO Auto Assault [ ] .  The beast behind him is "Blu" a six wheeled monster currently sporting a turret mounted gattling gun and a front mounted machine gun.  So far I'm up to Level 5.

There are three "races" in the game.  Biomech, who have embraced technology and intellect to survive the Contamination; the Mutants, who welcome the Contamination and would like it to spread (they also actively tap power from the Contamination to do stuff) and the Humans, who want to cleanse the planet.  Each race has classes with their own abilities.

So the structure is like most other MMOs but wrapped around a contaminated planet and using armed vehicles as the main "characters".
Aside from some serious lag, the Beta testing has been fun.  I had purchased a pre-order copy of the game (for $0.99 at MicroCenter) a while back, and it hooks you into Beta Testing, gives you some perks etc.  The game supposedly goes public in April.  It's all spelled out in detail on the site.

Just one more option for those who want to try something different.  I gave up Everquest 2.  This may or may not replace it.  We shall see.

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