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No, not that one, the one in Massachusetts.  I'm heading up to the "Big E" for the Amherst Train Show and Winterfest 2006 - an N scale railroading mini convention.

LionKingCMSL will be joining me for this one too.  So if any of you rail furs are in the area, stop by the N-Trak layout and say hello.


Why is it called Amherst? The Big E. fairgrounds are in West Springfield. Amherst was where I had been doing my annual Care Bear appearance at the Teddy Bear Rally until last year, wherein that event will now become just another crafts fair starting this Summer.
Why Amherst?

Probably because the Amherst Model Railway Society hosts the show.


They only use three buildings at the fairgrounds, the Better Living Center (123,000 sqft), the Young building (50,000 sqft) and the Stroh building (22,000 sqft).


It's a nice little show.

Traintards (R) us

Have fun at the meet........
Let me know how things went..
FYI...the benchwork is going up at Praire model railroad club.
Have fun. Seeing that it's only about an hour and a quarter from me I may try to come out but it would be only for Sunday afternoon. Would you and LK still be there?
Most likely yes.

I usually stay and help with tear down (starts about 5PM) but have been known to bail earlier depending on what is happening.
I may have spoken too soon. From what they said on the noon news it seems like we may be getting a storm coming in for later Sunday. If the forecast is for it to hit in the evening maybe I can still make it.
Well, if you do come they will hit you for both parking and show admission.

Springfield weather report shows 70% chance of rain for Sunday afternoon.

Not bad, it usually snows for the Springfield show.
LK's train out is earlier than we expected, so it looks like we will be gone by one.

Oh well, it would have been nice to see you. There should be other times.
Just as well. From what has just cropped up last night and already this morning I may be a bit low on energy to do the drive anyway. Still I do wish we could have gotten some time together. AC is just too long to wait.
The Big E. Ahh, fond memories of that place, we used to go there with my 4-H group. :)

Yeah, they haven't had livestock in the buildings for a while.
The air is a lot less pungent now.