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1 gig $50, 2 gig $100

(After Rebate)

CompUSA has some really neat little USB 2.0  Sony Jump Drives on sale this week.

2 1/8" x 5/8" x 3/8" (55mm x 20mm x 9mm)


I went looking on line but didn't find anything. Do you have a link to the sale?
I got mine in the store
No way I'm getting near the store this week. I'm somewhat moving away from USB media. I'm looking more at SD though I've still got to get an adapter like Camstone has to use the PCMCIA slot on my laptop or multimedia desktop.
Buy Sandisk *plug plug*
1 gig 50.99 no rebate from amazon
2 gig $80 no rebate bestbuy
4 gig 146 Nextwarehouse 149 buy.com :)
Having had some problems with Sandisk media before I tend to stay clear of it.
we have good warenties though
Warranties however do not bring back lost data. I'm not saying I don't by Sandisk, just that they're further down the list of memory cards I look for.
Camstone and I saw an add at Office Depot for a Memorex USB 2.0 TravelDrive for $40 after all rebates (one in-store and one mail-in). In store price is $60, but there's a $20 mail-in. Taxes additional, or course.

Hope you've been able to dig out from the big snow storm!
Yep, it took an hour or so to dig out.
I moved the car out of its snow drift to the other side of the street. Got plowed in over there (expected) dug out again and moved it out of the way while they finished the street. My mistake was going down a street that had not been completely plowed and I got hung up on the plow residue at the end (moving too slowly).
It took me 15 minutes to dig/rock my way out and by that time my street was nice and clear.
Glad to hear you made it through without much trouble. Now I just hope the melt down over the next few days doesn't flood you out.