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For those not following alt.lifestyle.furry etc ... Enjoy!

From:  chibiabos(a)gmail.com
Date:  Thursday, March 09, 2006 3:53 AM

On Tuesday, Sibe received a sentence of 6 months in the Oregon state
pen, plus three years' parole.  The month he's been in jail pending the
sentencing hearing does not count toward the six months.

If (and this seems likely) he is charged and convicted of additional
crimes (there is a federal investigation regarding his art piracy and
hacking), this would be served after his time is up at the state pen
(effectively the sentence would be added, though it'd be served at a
federal prison instead of the state pen).

Its the dawn of a new, better day for Sibe's victims, and for most of
the furry fandom who feel they lost something with several great
artists having permanently departed the fandom as a result of Sibe's
piracy and abuses.  Hopefully the upcoming federal charges will keep
him behind bars for years ...


I saw that on one of the lists as well. Seems a lot of people were following this. I'm glad to see he is out of circulation, at least for a short time. The damage he has done on many levels demands some punishment and I just hope the feds can find what they need to keep him out of the artist's fur for many years to come.
Sounds promising, but don't get your hopes up.
Happy birthday!
Just found your LJ and thought I'd say hello.


By the way............. Happy birthday!
Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Smrgol! May the best always come your way!

(And I hope Sibe finds his "cellmate" while in "the pokey.")
Happy birthday :)
Happy Birthday :)
Thank you all for the Birthday messages.

A bit more on Sibe, again from a.l.f., posted by mousepaws 3/10/2006

Hmmm, his new ID after conviction is: 648342
He's still at the Multnomah County Jail until transfer to the OSP ;)
I found the info through: http://www.co.multnomah.or.us

Gotta question for you...

Which server do you use for AFF/ALF? I can't seem to connect to Chameleon?

Re: Gotta question for you...

I'm using news.critter.net


Great news on the dirtbag, and Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday btw, remembered that last night late.

I found this one booking log
but could not find Sibe in there. I searched for Redd* but it must be more then a week ago.