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Kirin 01 - portrait

Time for the long walk North

Yeah, this is a World of Warcraft post ...

My Taurin Druid Boef has just gotten both halves of the transformation pendant for his aquatic form.
He has to assemble the pendant at the Shrine of Reulos in Moonglade.

The problem is that he's currently down in Thunder Bluff and "mass transit" will only take him back to the crossroads (as would his hearthstone).

Looking at the atlas, I don't see a way around just heading north and hoping for the best.

Anyone got any useful travel tips for this trip?


As a druid you should already have the spell that teleports you directly to Moonglade. Check your spell book...


Of course!

It was on page two of the book - I just buffed up on new spells and forgot to page the book.

Thank you Plonq!
*chuckles* I got a druid Taurin too. :) You're going to love the cat and the stealth mode. It's fun being able to walk into contested terrorties. I've had Alliance nearly run me over. :)
You should try a hunter!

At level 10 you start training to take on ANY beast from the game as a pet.

I've seen Night Elves with Lion type cats already.

Currently I have an Owl.

What server do you play on Rama?
If only hunters could tame critters! I want a ram from dun morough so BADLY! :D
But shammy's my main. ^.^ I'm on silverhand.
Yeah...one of my friends has a hunter, it might be fun to play next.

I'm on Maelstrom.
Night Elf hunters... what a rare breed.

Our server has a significant overabundance of Night Elf hunters on it. Typical snide commentary that you'll often see/hear in guild chat:

"OMG. I just spotted a NE Hunter."
"What a rare breed! Did he have King B as a pet?"
"How did you know?!"

If you are interested in playing a Horde alt, you should check out our guild on Whisperwind. (As a plus, it's a PvE server, so no unwanted ganking.)

Check us out at http://www.thepodpeople.net (plug plug)

They put out a very entertaining podcast as well - which is how atara and I found them in the first place. Emphasis is on having fun. It's just a little alt-guild that took on a life of its own (and is now neither little, nor alt).

We're on there as Erui and Arhianrod. Send a whisper if you decide to give the server a try.