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I started a new character in World of Warcraft

Meet Bourguignon, a level 4 Tauren Shaman on the Whisperwind Server.


He joins my two characters who reside on the Silvermine server. 
Ghorge - a Level 17 Night Elf Hunter and
Boef - a Level 19 Tauren Druid.


Stop being piggy and hogging the good puns.
Damn. Don't make me make another character on another server, y00z! :D Nice choice tho ;) Shaman ftw.
COWabunga, dude! I like shaman, yet they are one of the only two classes that I haven't tried yet (shaman and warrior).

This is actually a good time to be jumping onto Whisperwind as some of the high-level, hardcore PvP guilds recently jumped ship to a new PvP server. From what I'm told, the battlegrounds are suddenly more balanced, and ganking is at an all-time low.

Whisper me if you're on tonight. I don't think there are any raids on tap tonight, so I'll probably be playing my primary alt.

Main: Erui - a level 60 Undead priest
Alt: Alterui - a level 47 Troll rogue
He's still a little green - I'm still out at Bloodhoof Village about to tackle the Brambleblade Revine.

It'll be a little while bevore he heads out into the "real" world.