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Oh dear! *Grin*

Just got this e-mail ...

The subject:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your Optimum Online account will be terminatied. ID: halls
"terminatied"  ??!  Interesting ...
The body:

 Poseidon methodists Zagreb Ottomanize blanketed
 Dear Optimum Online member, analytical Engel Doubleday severe existed

 It has come to our attention that your Optimum Online account information needs to be updated, as a part seepage attaining jovial Middleton Shari
 of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. mammals measurer shelve epidermis underlying
 Please take 5-10 minutes of your online experience and update your billing recored. dotes Woodward commoners schemes Carolyn
 You will not run info and future problems with the online service. atypically stomacher defaulter cafes hatch

 However, failure to update your account recoreds will result in account termination. uplands slightly Rowena tumbled heated

 Follow this link to update your account information. [links to account-verification-optonline.info] procuring herewith bedridden Storeyed revel

 Optimum Online, streaked fiasco barbaric askers billets
 Security Advisor textured afresh placate stuffing binuclear
I'd better hurry and verify my account, eh?


I think this Spam leaked across from a parallel - albeit somewhat disturbing - plane of existence.
It has to be urgent. They're speaking in tongues! -Frisk
>I'd better hurry and verify my account, eh?

Dang skippy! You've pised off the Poseidon methodists! Those guys play hardball, you know.
Ia! Ia! Cthulu Ryleah f'tagn..!
Arrrgh! Must resist urge to update bank ID! @.@
Dark.. will.. of.. cthulu.. urging me.. to.. update.. must..give..password..to..hackers! ARHHHGGGGNHHHH!