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Furry Forever

An AnthroCon Charity Auction Exclusive.

This Gold Pawprint on Black cap will only be available at convention charity auctions that I attend.
The cap will be labeled with the convention and year.  It will also be numbered.
The cap for AnthroCon 2006 is number 001

I still have some of the Blue Pawprint on Navy Blue caps in stock.


Him? His name is Barq and he came over from the UK a couple of weeks ago.
You'll probably meet him at AnthroCon.

There are some pictures of him in the UK here:
Do the eyes move?
The eyes are the dished "following" style. They do not move, but appear to do so.
Not sure if I like the blue or gold better- I'm gonna get one at AC tho, thats for sure! :D All the better if its' for the charity auction!