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"It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!"

So what was the greatest thing before sliced bread came along?

It is SO dead here at work this afternoon.


Be grateful it's dead and not being overrun by the stupid, as the_gneech is having to deal with. -Frisk
entire loaves would be my guess.
The people I stayed with in PEI had this really cool breadknife that looked like a violin bow and it did an awesome job of cutting every slice evenly.
UNsliced bread.

News Flash ...New Invention....

The greatest thing pryor to sliced bread...
The bread slicer *ducks*
It was the greatest thing since torn and ripped-to-pieces bread.
Come to think of it, bread is so much more fun to eat when you clamp onto it with your jaws and shake vigourously.
Bread bowl?
Why cut when you can soften and eat later.

*Warning! Warning! Brain Malfunction due to lack of sleep*