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Formatting Outlook

This is getting annoying.

I've put Windows XP and MS Office XP on my folk's Dell PC.

I can't get outlook to default to the "Normal" style when composing e-mail. It keeps going to "Paragraph".
There's also some kind of setting that removes extra linefeeds automatically. I want to turn that off as it is screwing up the formatting on a couple of Mum's newsletters.

The help file is no help.


Try going out to the MS site then go to the XP sight as well as the Office and Outlook and look under the FAQ. There should be some info there for you.

About all the hubby can give in on the subject.

XP=eXtra Problems

Oh do I know the feeling.
I'm going to have to blow away the OS on the office machine again and try, once again, to install XP Pro on it. I know the machine is plenty beefy for the OS but every time I've installed XP it runs like a snail. I bought a book on XP and hope to find the solution with it. If I see anything that might help you I'll pass it on.

Re: XP=eXtra Problems

XP itself is fine.

It's setting up Outlook - a program I don't use myself - that's the problem.

Re: XP=eXtra Problems

Can't help. I only have Office 11 or Office 2003 with me. Or whatever MS calls it these days x.x

Even if I installed outlook from the CD. I think it be different options to the 2001 version that you have. Or is Office XP version 10?


Re: XP=eXtra Problems

Why not just set up the older version of outlook, as it runs fine on XP? And then just don't install it with Office XP. (I have outlook 2000 running on XP, and have had version 98 on it before, which also ran fine.)

Oh, and go to http://download.com and get a "tweak" program for XP/OS. That might help some of the doggedness that is enherent in basic XP installations.

Re: XP=eXtra Problems

The older Windows 98 version does not work under XP.

The format style problem is one that has been ongoing. The font and type size settings are being worked out.

Mum usually hits me with these when I go up to say goodbye before I leave for work. This usually results in a 15 min delay.

Or I get it after dinner, which means I loose time to get what I need to do finished, so end up going to bed at 2AM.

Hopefully I'll get things tweaked the way she likes them quickly.