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I don't understand memory pricing ...

4 Gig Memory Stick Duo for the PSP - $170  ( $42.50/gig)

2 Gig USB2 Flash Drive - about $100 ($50/gig)

1 Gig DDR PC2700 for the laptop - $140

1 Gig  (2 @512mb) PC800-40 RDRAM for the Alienware - $325

The smaller the memory module, the more it costs per gigabyte.

Anyway, I should be set for a while - PSP = 4 gig;  Laptop = 1.2 gig;  Alienware PC 1.5 gig; Flash Drive = 2 gig.


memory speed, memory type, memory reliablity memory form factor all factor into price

any of that sandisk? :)

and eys miniature memory custs more. smaller waffers and such
Nope, none of the above are SanDisk, sorry.

However most of the Compact Flash (4 1gig) and the SD chips I have ARE SanDisk.