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I don't understand memory pricing ...

4 Gig Memory Stick Duo for the PSP - $170  ( $42.50/gig)

2 Gig USB2 Flash Drive - about $100 ($50/gig)

1 Gig DDR PC2700 for the laptop - $140

1 Gig  (2 @512mb) PC800-40 RDRAM for the Alienware - $325

The smaller the memory module, the more it costs per gigabyte.

Anyway, I should be set for a while - PSP = 4 gig;  Laptop = 1.2 gig;  Alienware PC 1.5 gig; Flash Drive = 2 gig.


"My biggest pain is the MIDI keyboard that uses SmartMedia. Not something you find just any place these days. I really need to get more chips but keep forgetting to look for them."

Talk to Antimon, apparently he is connected with SanDisk.
Oh I'm sure there's still some out there. Just I never think about it when ordering or in a place where I can look. Usually hits me when I think about what would happen if I fried the only one I have.