Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

OK One More Time - Furry Forever Embroidered Stuff

The place I get my embroidered stuff done is having a good sale.

I can do:

Polo Shirts (Pima Cotton, no Pocket) in sizes from M to 2XL for $20 each,

Tee Shirts Men's or Women's s to XL for $18 each,

Lunch Bag / Coolers for $20 each,

Back Packs for $25 each,

Garment Bags for $25 each, and

Rolling Carry-On bags for $30 each.

Figure $5 shipping on the shirts, and $5 to $10 on the bags.

I would have to get at least four pieces to make an order, and it would have to be in the next week or so to make the sale.

Is anyone interested?
Tags: furry forever
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