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Furry Forever

OK One More Time - Furry Forever Embroidered Stuff

The place I get my embroidered stuff done is having a good sale.

I can do:

Polo Shirts (Pima Cotton, no Pocket) in sizes from M to 2XL for $20 each,

Tee Shirts Men's or Women's s to XL for $18 each,

Lunch Bag / Coolers for $20 each,

Back Packs for $25 each,

Garment Bags for $25 each, and

Rolling Carry-On bags for $30 each.

Figure $5 shipping on the shirts, and $5 to $10 on the bags.

I would have to get at least four pieces to make an order, and it would have to be in the next week or so to make the sale.

Is anyone interested?


Do they have messenger bags?
Yes, but not on sale ...


The base price is $35, and I'd have to add the shipping costs to that.

The logo color could be changed.

I'd go for a polo short in size XL.
I would have to get at least four pieces to make an order, and it would have to be in the next week or so to make the sale.

You are talking about 4 pieces of any items (ie 4 shirts, 4 bags, etc) not just 4 items of any mix (2 shirts, 1 bag and 1 hat) right?
4 pieces total.

Caps do not count, you need to do an order of at least six. I have blue caps in stock for $15 shipped.
Okay so you just need 4 of us to order something. That sounds easier.
I tried to get a look at the bags but the site requires registration to look at anything more then shirts and hats. Having one of the carry on's or garment bags with the Furry Forever on it would certainly make it easy to spot in airports or if you had to check them in the small planes. Maybe I will register to see what they look like.
use my "normal" e-mail address to log on

For those of you wanting links to pictures

If you cannot link to the pictures, e-mail me and I'll try to copy the picture off the site and send it to you.

So Far - 1 definate

(1) XL Polo to Giza - I'll contact you for color if I get an order together.
Hi, I'm a friend of Swift Fox and Silaria. I would like to acquire at least a polo shirt, maybe a messenger bag too. =^.^=

So Far - 4 Definate, 3 Maybe - Order must go in Monday!


(1) Polo for Giza $20 + $5 shipping

(2) Lunch Coolers for Katrishali $40 + $10 shipping

(1) Polo for Xavier $20 + $5 shipping


(1) Messenger Bag for TC $40 + $15 shipping

(1) Messenger Bag for Xavier $40 + $15 shipping

(1) Carry On bag for Kamau $30 + $10 shipping

I am going to need PayPal or a definate commitment (as in the money is in the mail) on these by the end of the weekend if this is going to go.

If there's anything else from [ www.queensboro.com ] that you'd like, figure $20 over the posted price to cover their shipping cost to me and my shipping cost to you.

This is not a money maker folks, I'm doing it to get Furry Forever stuff out to you.
I've neer used queensborro but i've looked at them and if io do an embrodery project they are the ones i would go with
I've used them in the past, they are good.