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Furry Forever

OK - The order has been placed!

I have placed the order for the following:

(2) Lunch bags for Katrishali ( Blue Logo )- You owe me for these, kid!

(1) Lg Natural Polo for Xavier (Lt brown logo) (paid)

(1) Hunter Green Backpack for Xavier ( green logo) (paid)

(1) Red XL Tee for Skytech. (red logo)

(1) Red L Tee for me (or for Sky if I got his size wrong)

They should arrive at my place late in September (week of the 25th)

Sorry Giza, you never got back to me with the details.


I couldn't do two colors on the same item, sorry.
The blue with silver trim should look pretty good.

I sent you an e-mail last night. To the AOL address that I have.

e-mail me please!

Yeah, I was busy that day, sorry.

For future reference, my claws-and-paws.com email addresses are long since dead, due to all the spam I was getting. I'll try to make the next order.
I will try to make the next order soon then.

Could you please e-mail me from your good address?
Hey i have a semi related question and i can't email you as i dont have it hehe. As you may or may not have heard i am workign on a furusit tradign card project andf i was thinkign the furry forever logo would make an excelent stand in for a team logo if you'd be willing to let us use it (hopefully royalty free but if not make me an offer)

lookign at probably 30,000 prints and whiel i can't give credits on the card i shoudl be able to smneak it into the info card that is packed with them. Thank you for the consideration