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Kirin 01 - portrait


This is the list for the rest of 2006, and the possibles for 2007

October 2006 - FurFright - attendee - rooming with Ion Otter (room in my name)

November 2006 - Midwest Furfest - attendee - rooming with JBadger (his room)

March 2007 - i-con - attendee - local, no room  <<< This one is not definate

May 2007 - Rocket City Furmeet  - attendee - no room set up yet  <<< This one is not definate

July 2007 - AnthroCon - Art Show Staff - no room set up yet

September 2007 - Mephit Furmeet - Unity Track Chairperson - no room mate set up yet (room in my name, staff rate)

October 2007 - FurFright - attendee - no room set up yet

November 2007 - Midwest Furfest - attendee  - no room set up yet


MFM looks on for me. Seriously, it looks to be on now, I just have to wait for pre-reg and all to happen, etc.

Have to sort out who, where, etc on how to get there and stuff that's all. :)
Need a roomie for Rocket City?

Also, am thinking about going over to the Courtyard at AC this coming year... or do you prefer to be in the con hotel. Rates are the same, but the_gneech and others said the rooms are much nicer.