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I need a scarf...

I had a scarf, or at least I knew we had a green and white striped one that no one was using.  When I asked Mum about it, she said that since it wasn't being used she included it in the last Goodwill clothing bag.  Oh well.

The scarf is for a Christmas fursuiting event on Sunday the 26th.  I will be using Barq! with a red fleece sweatshirt, tan pants and a Santa hat.  So it's all red and white right now.

I've tried the Christmas stores, the department store chains and done the local Mall walk.  So far no Christmas type scarves, or anything that could be used as one.
I've tried Google, no luck there.  Any  bright wintery scarf will do, snowflakes, stripes etc - just something cheery.

Any ideas for a source out there?  (Keeping in mind that it must be in my paws by 11/24)
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