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A VERY Stupid e-bay seller!


I just wish I had found it!


Like, no way.
Well, I'd wouldn't bother with it to be honest. There's been a few like that now and I think it's attention seeking, no one's that stupid. x.x

But bluray doesn't look to be the next format to watch movies on. HD-DVD looks to be the one that's going to get the most titles now, Sony has lost a lot of other studios who don't see their format as winning.

Blame the problems and Sony has had a load of problems these past two years. Their digital cameras are the new things to go wrong.

You be better off with a 360 that plays games better than the PS3 versions anyways and it's cheaper in the long run to buy :)

Blu-ray is still an awesome format for games. 25 GB of data (single layer) is nothing to sneeze at. And I know a lot of people scoff that that is overkill for games. Right. Just like DVD 9's were over kill for the PS2 and X-Box when 650MB - 1GB CD's were still the rage. Right now, there may not be a difference or the edge goes to the 360 in terms of games, but in time, I see the scales tipping in Sony's favor once the PS3 hardware is figured out. Of course, it's too early to tell and the 360 may be the best overall. We will see what happens 1 year from now. :)
If I were the seller, I'd take the negative feedback. Easily disputable.

Lose $500, plus shipping, plus a few hundred for the games, the movie and the 40+ hours I stood in line...


Refund the money plus a fiver for pointing out the error. And maybe pick up one negative feedback from someone who's been on eBay for less than a year and has NO feedback at all.

Riiiiiiight. Heh heh! I'd just pat the little muppet on the head and say, "Nice try, junior."