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Or close to it. Yeah, Saturday morning at VW for the 170K mile oil change.

The car is running well and hopefully the oil change will be it.

Here it is 9:15 AM on Saturday January 6th and it's already over 60 degrees here on Long Island.
They say it'll get to at least the mid 60's this afternoon. Wierd weather. Normal is mid 30's.

This time I'm prepaired fir the wait - got the notebook rather than the PDA or PSP like the last few times.
I can even get out to second life or WoW if I want to.


I am thinking of going to chinatown with robbo_rants latter today Maybe -- would you be interested?
Hope the auto check up went well. I keep trying to convince my dealer to put a wireless into the waiting room but so far no success. It was good seeing you on SL. I was a bit surprised by the AV. I think you totally faked Lacy out. Hope to see you later tonight.
The Manticore AV is great, I had planned to hop on 2nd Life and "put on" the Kirin to get some screen shots for an icon or two to use here in LJ.

The sl universe was acting up though and wouldn't let me change.

Thanks for the Manticore by the way, it's a great AV.

The service went fine, straight oil change (synthetic, due to the Turbo and age of the car).

The next major service will be at 200K when I'll need my second timing belt and water pump.


'89 Honda Accord here. 373,281 miles (just looked) and counting.

Hope everything went well!