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Kirin 01 - portrait

One for Camstone ...

User Friendly for yesterday, the 21st.



*snickers and swipes!*

Must share with others! :)


Swift Fox


You going to be at RCFM this year??

Re: Hey

If I don't go I've wasted the money I just spent on plane tickets.

Yeah, registered last week as a SuperSponsor.

Re: Hey

Hey that is great to hear. Any puppetry plans?? Or should I ask what puppets are you planning on bringing?

Re: Hey

Hadn't thought about that yet.

It's my first RCFM so I have no idea what's on the schedule (yeah, it's posted, I know, but I have not had time to read it yet)

Is there anything you have planned? You can always e-mail me on it.
Is this a Wing Commander reference?
Nope - Camstone designs this type of stuff for the real world.
Camstone Fox?