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I need a program

Paint doesn't do enough, Paint Shop Pro 8 is a pain in the tail to figure out.

I need "Paint Plus".

I want to be able to cut out a chunk of the graphic and rotate it either freehand or by a specified angle.
PSP8 wants to rotate the whole image even when I have the part I want on a separate layer, Paint only  rotates 90 degrees.

I want to be able to zoom out to see the whole image, or in to work on details.

Basic layering would be nice, but not necessary.

Freeware would be ideal, but I'd probably pay for a program that does what I need.

Any ideas?


That's weird, PSP version 7 allows me to do it with no issues.

I can do a selection, in my case I do a laso, or you could do it with the magic wand, and then select "rotate" from the image menu, and in this case, the selected section was rotated to the right 45 degrees. I could have done the same in a layer. But if you don't select on the same layer, and select only what it is you want to rotate, then yes... it will try and rotate the entire image.

(Test Image)

Yeah I figured it out.

'twas a pain though. I'm too used to AutoCAD 2006 I guess.
I use PSP5. I found later versions impossible to work with for other reasons, but I can't imagine they could have screwed up rotation that badly. The Image]Rotate box should have a checkbox for "All Layers". You can also rotate a selection freehand by choosing the Transform tool and dragging the handle sticking out from the center.
I;ve been using Photo Plus for a bit. Haven't experimented too much with it, but it's free, so it wouldn't hurt to check it out. :)
My 2D graphics software of choice is GIMP. It's free, Gnu open source, and pretty much as good as Adobe Photoshop.
GIMP's interface is far better, in my opinion, but most people say I'm crazy for that. Photoshop's nicer to draw in with a tablet, but my RAM-starved compy can't keep up.

So yeah, I second the GIMP recommendation. If you find the wonderful shiny interface weird, there's a version called GIMPShop or some such that mimics Photoshop out there.
PSP 7 was the pinnacle of the PSP app. Everything after that started to turn into a wanna be Photoshop.
Hmm, I'm all the way up to PSP 9 and as I recall all of them allowed free rotation of a selection. I know I could show you in a couple of secs just how to do it but it's the same problem we talked about the other night with model RR. Three hours is too long a drive to be able to do that.
yeah same here Smrgol i was introduced to Paintshop in a Computer Graphics class i took a few years back. To me painshop pro i couldn't even understand half the features i look at it and say well now what do i do what does this do whoops now how do i undo this it was very overwhelming and confusing to me all that Layering stuff is like a foigen language to me :-P i think ill stick to the basics heh ill wait till im ready for those complacated progams. :-P

Id say look for a program thats less Complacated do a web search see what ya come up with you might find somthing better or thats less a pain in the tail thats what i would do ^__^
GIMP is nice! But then again, I have been using it as my main image manupulator for over a year now... so I may be biased. It does take a lot of getting used to if you're used to PSP's interface, though.

Main reason for commenting though - I can't find your email so I'll ask here. I got an email from someone who liked the Mountain Dragon and wanted a similar suit in red. Since you're the owner of the original, I thought I'd ask first if you minded there being a similar suit running about or not.

Do the red Dragon by all means!

Do the red Dragon by all means!

I don't mind you reusing the design at all.

Perhaps I'll meet up with "Red" at a con some say and we can do a group

Is the potential buyer here in the US?

One question - what adhesive do you use for the silicone pawpads? I've lost three of the green ones you sent me for the dragon so far. Obviously I've used the wrong adhesive.

Barq! (The Puppy) goes on his next outing this coming weekend to the
"Penguin Plunge" up in Connecticut. It's a charity event.

Have fun making "Red: and send pictures!
Happy Birthday :)
Thank you sir!