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I need a program

Paint doesn't do enough, Paint Shop Pro 8 is a pain in the tail to figure out.

I need "Paint Plus".

I want to be able to cut out a chunk of the graphic and rotate it either freehand or by a specified angle.
PSP8 wants to rotate the whole image even when I have the part I want on a separate layer, Paint only  rotates 90 degrees.

I want to be able to zoom out to see the whole image, or in to work on details.

Basic layering would be nice, but not necessary.

Freeware would be ideal, but I'd probably pay for a program that does what I need.

Any ideas?


My 2D graphics software of choice is GIMP. It's free, Gnu open source, and pretty much as good as Adobe Photoshop.
GIMP's interface is far better, in my opinion, but most people say I'm crazy for that. Photoshop's nicer to draw in with a tablet, but my RAM-starved compy can't keep up.

So yeah, I second the GIMP recommendation. If you find the wonderful shiny interface weird, there's a version called GIMPShop or some such that mimics Photoshop out there.