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What the frack is wrong with stores these days?!

I went to one of the local chain stores at lunch time today.  The basic mission was to pick up the eragon DVD and to kill part of my lunch hour browsing.  I did my "Best" to "Buy" something else in this store (which shall remain nameless) but was literally driven out by the conflicting cacophony of music and sound.
1) The home theatre department was showing a current action movie in full surround sound.
2) Next to that the CD department was loudly playing rap music on the overhead system.
3) The bored clerk in the mp3 player department was also playing rap, loudly - of course it was a totally different piece than the music department had on.
4) One of the Ghetto Blasters was playing rock.
5) The TV department sets were cranked up on whatever demo was playing.
6) The X-Box display was demoing a war game.
7) The Car stereo department was putting out something with Bass  LOTS of Bass.

Doesn't the store management realise that they are driving customers out of the store?


Bleah, noise...

I avoid the big blue store with the yellow tag for the same reason. I'm just not inclined to browse around with all that noise.... or even enter the front doors. Unless I absolutely have to go there to shop for a gift for someone.

Have you heard of the "Mosquito" device? It's designed to emit a high-pitched noise to discourage young people from loitering in an area.

It seems like Best Buy has deployed the reverse for mature folks!