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Kirin 01 - portrait

When you are finished surfing the net ...

Don't forget to shut it down.



oh damn... that could entertain me for hours
Entertaining is NOT the word I would use....I can't get rid of the IE window. Even Alt-CNTRL-DEL only causes a blue screen error. I had to manually power down my computer to get rid of this.

Sorry, it was funny for 5secs then it became suckage.



9x user?

Come on, bow to the evil-ness and get NT :)

Can kill the process then. Mind you, I have trouble with that since I have 2 IE processes. One for file tasking and one for the actual browser.

Just in case one thing messes up IE, it won't all die on me. Then again XP is quite capable of just restarting it all within a few secs without rebooting :)
HEHEH at first I couldn't figure out what was going on. Clicked on the button and nothing happened. Then I realized I was using a superior browser, Firefox, and had to go open up a Internet Exploder session. Very cute. To bad the screen doesn't automatically close after a few seconds. *shrugs* Killed the process and all was well.
I’m going to have to show this to a few of my friend. ;x)
To restore your screen

Hit Alt+F4