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Well, if the Nor'easter that's due through here tomorrow is what they say it's going to bee I'm going to be ready.

1) Laptop batteries - (2) on charge
2) Old portable DVD - (2) batteries on charge
3) PSP - (2) batteries on charge
4) Nintendo DS Lite - charging
5) Nintendo DS - charging
6) GameBoy Advance - charging
7) Cell Phone - charging
8) PDA - charging

It seems lie they all have orange indicators too.

I will NOT be caught with nothing to do!

And I'll probably end up reading.


At least you have a DVD player... mine broke and it appears that the "replacement" policy we got for it at Christmas is worth the paper it's printed on from Circuit City. )=P
You sound like me . . . . I made a list of things to do now that I'm not going to Lancaster (including work I brought home - yecchhh!) - I'll probably curl up in the corner somewhere with a couple of good books, a blanket, a glass or two of wine and Maggie and some nice music in the background . . . hmmmm wonder if that's what the Universe had in mind for me - slow down.