Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

Furry Forever Stuff again! Order NOW!

OK folks there's a sale on at the place I get the embroidery.
I need a minimum of four pieces to place an order.

Polos, Pocket Polos, Women's Polos - $25.00 shipped.
All are two-ply Pima, short sleeved.

Polos - S, M, L, XL, 2XL
White, Navy, Burgundy, Black, Natural (tan), Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Red, Island (light) Blue, Ash (gray)

Pocket Polos - M, L, XL, XXL 
White, Navy, Burgundy, Black, Ash (gray)
(no white in XL or XXL)

Women's Style

White, Navy, Burgundy, Black,  Island (light) Blue, Cherry
(no black in 2XL)

Hopefully these prices will hold for a few days - I need orders by SUNDAY NIGHT.
Respond here AND to please.

I can do PayPal, Check, Money Order or cash.

I have navy blue caps with a blue logo in stock for $15.00 shipped.
Obviously you,ll save some shipping costs on multiple items.

I can do other stuff too, just ask and I'll find out the price.

If you want the limited run Black Cap with the Gold Logo (numbered)  You'll have to come to a convention that I'm at and win it in their Charity Auction.
Cap number 005 goes to the Rocket City Furmeet.  006 will probably go to AnthroCon (if I make it).  007 Memphit Furmeet, 008 FurFright, 009 Midwest Furfest.   These hats have been going for $45-$80 each so far.   I will not do this black / gold combination on anything else, sorry.

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