Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

Software help - what's it worth?

I've been going through software that we got from my brother Chris' apartment after he died.

He was a developer / programmer so he has some programs that I'm not going to be able to use.

I don't want to just chuck them and then find out they were worth something later.

SO ...

Does anyone know about any of these?

Microsoft Developer Network Library - Visual Studio 97
msdn Library Visual Studio 6.0
Microsoft Visual Test
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise Edition - with ALL the manuals
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition - sealed
Microsoft Transaction Server Developer Edition
Microsoft Front Page 2000
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Operating System - sealed
Microsoft Windows NT Server Version 3.51
msdn Library April 2000
msdn Library July 2000
msdn Library October 2000
msdn subscriptions Library January 2001
Mastering Internet Development with Microsoft Active X Technologies
Microsoft Word for NT - Ver. 6.0
Microsoft Exel for NT - Ver. 5.0


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