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Kirin 01 - portrait

It's back!

The car that is.  Picked it up yesterday evening from its 175,284 mile service.

Total to do the oil change, rotate tyres, recharge air conditioning and replace right tie rod end was $766.95 of which $60.90 was sales tax.


I'm glad I don't have a car. Everyone seems to getting huge car repair/service bills lately.
Glad it is back - though sorry about the bill.

Those PM services are a rip off as all you are really getting is an oil change and tire rotation.maybe once every two years coolant replacement.

I run $75 a labor hour at my shop,I do those "PM's" too,I cant recall handing out anything over a $150 RO. save for the rare trans or coolant serivce thing added on.

Yeah it breaks down to $416.89 Labor, $289.16 Parts, $60.90 Tax.

The Labor rate is $101.00 / hour.
I requested the tyre rotation, the outside edges of the front tyres had worn due to an alignment problem. These are now on the rear and the better tyres are up front.

I'm well aware that I could probably get the stuff done somewhat cheaper, but convenience rules over price sometimes.
It's a nice reminder in anthrocon, but dude, lj-cut!
Yeah, sorry about that!
hi there!

i did a badge for you at MFF and i never bumped into you again!

might i have your snail mail so i can send it your way?
Sure, e-mail me at smrgol@optonline.net please.