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Kirin 01 - portrait

Well, That does it!

I have made my AnthroCon train reservations.

On Thursday, July 5th I will be on Train #43 - The Pennsylvanian
Leaves NY at 10:50AM, Arrives Pittsburgh at 8:05PM

On Monday July 9th I will be on Train #42 - The Pennsylvanian (again)
Leaves Pittsburgh at 7:20AM (ouch), Arrives NY 4:55PM (rush hour!)

I'm probably going to try for a seat in the first car out of NY and the rear car out of Pittsburgh.

I'm not sure what I want to do about luggage - the less the better suits me.
I am NOT staying at the con hotel, so this limits some of my options too.

I don't know exactly why, but this year's AC just doesn't "feel" right.  I just don't have the enthusiasm for it that I have had in the past.


Perhaps it's getting er, how to put it... Too used to it each year. Mabbe skipping a year or two may eventually revive things.

Then again I wouldn't know, not been to many to er, get to the fed up of con stage. :D
It didnt feel right last year either, maybe the new place and all that. I still had more fun at the Adams Mark.
Anthrocon has been loosing the feeling for me as well. As soon as the density of the circle of fursuiters, friends etc gets to thin I am out of there.
Ohh how was Rocket City?
Rocket City was a blast!

I ended up helping with the Art Show because they lost the one in charge.
Camstone figured it out though and Kamau and I helped keep it manned.

It does mean that next year we are staff (a new record for me, halfway into my first attandance of a con). I will probably end up running the art show as Camstone has been asked to handle programming.

As a side note, on Saturday night I got totally plastered at RCFM. They did a full head life-cast and I was the subject.
I think RCFM has spoiled you. The RCFM family made things really great -- the sim staff was a very tight-knit group. I can see how bigger cons would feel less than wonderful afterwards. Perhaps you're simply feeling an anticipation of that? I wouldn't really know, having not been to other cons... but for the same reason, I don't think I *want* to go to other cons. It wouldn't feel right.