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Kirin 01 - portrait

Ursula Vernon


Not only has she done some neat strips such as "Digger" (Digger is cute), "Conspiracy of Mammals" and "Random Interludes With Gothbat" she has got some really great artwork.

OK, I'm biased because three are Kirin - and one's out as a T-Shirt (got it already)

http://www.metalandmagic.com/Pages/Galleries/Beasts/goldkirin.html *sigh* the original is available too.

http://www.metalandmagic.com/Pages/Galleries/Beasts/kirin.html - This one I have as a print and use as my wallpaper.

http://www.metalandmagic.com/Pages/Galleries/Anthro/kirin.html - I'm using this one as wallpaper too but with a gray background.
(This is the one on the t-shirt)

*SIGH* I wish I could capture expressions like she can!

I guess I'll have to go Sponser at Midwest Furfest this year, as she's one of the Guests of Honour, along with Scribble Fox.


Did you know Ursula has a live journal? her username is ursulav

Be a droolin fanboi like me!
It's not just the expressions I'd be envious of...

I'm going to have to dig deeper into the galleries and look around. The Kirins look really good (but then so does everything else) ;)