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Kirin 01 - portrait


Once again at VW. For the 180,000 mile service this time. A little late.

Oil change, flush the coolant system, flush the3 brake system.

The total will probably be about $300

I'll be here for at least a couple of hours too.

Well, they have a good wireless connection, so I may hop onto Secnd Life or World of Warcraft.


Here is an idea

How much Linden does it cost to service your VW in 2nd life. You might get a better deal.

Re: Here is an idea

I tried that once - the time to upload the car was prohibitive, even on a direct link.
The way you keep racking up the miles on that car you are certainly showing just how durable VWs are. I so envy you for having Internet at your service center.
Yes, the net connection is nice.

I ended up there about an hour longer than I had estimated.

Between the time at VW and yesterday afternoon, my Night Elf hunter is now Level 30. I had the time to get the last half of level 29, but it took some work.
VW Jetta Diesel.


Total cost was $353.05 Labor $249.31 (Rate at $101.00/hr!!), Parts $75.71,Tax $28.03

Oil change (synthetic w/filter)
Coolant system flush
Brake system flush (should be done every 2 years - I was late on this one)
Replaced broken front engine mount

I also bought a new mirror control as the original knob was broken off by a careless parking attendant at Avistar LaGuardia.

I was also told I need rear brakes and rotors, but I put that job off until next time as funds are tight right now. According to the tech, they will last that distance. It'll be about $400 or so at the dealer. It's high and yes I know an independent shop or a chain can do it cheaper, etc, etc, etc but it's sometimes a decision between convenience / time constraints or saving a bit. I haven't dropped that option yet though.