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Fun at work

Today I was on site at work for the first time in a long while.

I was involved in a "walk through" where we as architects go through the building answering questions and hopefully solving problems for the contractor. My counterpart from the engineer's office had the brunt of the questions but I answered a couple.

We went to the roof. This might not seem like much, but I get very nervous on ladders and scaffolds etc. ("unprotected" heights) So where do we go first? up three stories (45 feet or so) of ship's ladder type scaffold to a ledge beside the roof trusses *urp!* The ledge was fine, there was a wire railing. Then out onto the lower roof to look at a couple of flashing details. Nice view, about 60ft above ground looking out at the planes (This is the American Airlines Terminal at JFK) Next, there's some more details on the main roof. OK ... Up there ... right ... The access was by another ladder - 30 ft tall and made of 2x4. I made it.
The upper roof is about 80 feet up at the peak, but the view was again worth the trip.
It was beginning to snow at that point, so we went back inside fairly fast. We finished up and went back to the site offices about 1PM. At this point the snow was about an inch and still coming down fast so I left for home at about 1:45.

(OK, so I don't know how to post photos yet so I took it out)

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