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Kirin 01 - portrait

A wonderful weekend, a lousy trip home.

I just spent a wonderful weekend down at Lion King CMSL's place.  It was his open house party to celebrate one year at the new den.

He and Teri put on a wonderful spread.  Once again I thank them.

My trip home however was a whole 'nother story.  I left LK's at 4:00PM, I walked into my place at 10:45PM - Six and one half hours to go 143 miles!

Rain all the way, slowdowns all the way up I95 topped off by sitting at exit 13 for way over an hour, then the usual delays crossing Statin Island and on the Belt Parkway.

I am SO glad I had plenty of Podcasts to listen to.

I will now see to unpacking, and head to bed.


ferret whimpers, I too lost hours on the NJ Turnpike despite bailing out at exit 12 when I saw the other-other backup. I wish I were in touch to show you a way around (or have pointed you to x10 for Outerbridge). And my car overheated too :-(
Wish I could have been at LK's for the celebration but couldn't get the weekend off (of course you know that all ready). I'm sorry to hear the trip back was so delayed. I know I've run into the same thing on other occasions. Too bad we didn't hook up via cell phone and chat. Then again you probably were better keeping your mind on the road and catching up on the podcasts.