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Well, that didn't go quite as I planned it

But I have my air tickets for Midwest Furfest.

Thursday November 15th

American Airlines JFK

Flight 4392 Departs 6:25PM , Arrives O'Hare 8:45PM

Tuesday November 20th

American Airlines ORD

Flight 414 Departs 4:50PM, Arrives JFK 8:10PM

Neither Southwest or Jet Blue had the $39.00 fare, AA was the least expen$ive at $99 each way.


Grrr, and I know you had planned on the $39 fare. I hope it doesn't put too big of a dent into your budget. Hope you can still have a good time.
Hope to get my tickets this week. Since Southwest is not that much a savings I might try JetBlue this year.
AA Was cheaper than Jet Blue
I might do that then.
Maybe share same flight out?
Wait I need to be there in the morning on Thursday, never mind that would not work