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Kirin 01 - portrait

Well, THAT went VERY well!!!

Back in Late June of '06 I replaced my TV with a high def Samsung 26" LCD set.
I got a 26" set because it was physically the best size for the space I have for the set.  I also sprang for the extended warranty.

A couple of months back it developed a flaw in the picture, a thin vertical gray line down the right side when I was playing anything in 16:9 mode.
The line was probably there in 4:3 mode too, but fell just outside the screen area.

Last week I took it in for service and today (Saturday) found out that it would be replaced rather than repaired.

Now, Sets have come a long way since June '06.  The equivalent 26" set is almost $400 cheaper, and the next size up, a 32" was $150 less than my old set.

The replacement was for the VALUE of the old set, not a swap for an equivalent set.  So I ended up with a brand new 32" set (better than what I had), the four year extended warranty on the set, and a $16 store credit to make up the difference.  Wow!

It's a bit big for the space I have though, but it'll work ...


You'll just have to put up with the bigger, newer set.
Nice. I bought an extended warranty on a subwoofer/amplifier set I bought for my car long ago. In another year, if I haven't used it, I get my money back. That's the only reason I bought it.
They're really starting to go down in price now. Seen 42-47" LCD's now for like £700-1,200. Which isn't bad, okay not a well named brand but it's getting there. I'm just waiting a tad more and then I'll probably get a 47" so I can see it. :) Waiting for the 1080p's to come down though.

Only thing is that LCD's have a lifespan of about 6 years. Those new OLEDS have a lifespan of 3 years though which isn't worth it.
Not bad at all! It's rather nice when a warranty does work that way. I'm sure you can somehow shoehorn it into the space. I keep looking at the LCD sets but I'm still trying to hold off on any TV purchases until the whole hi def thing works itself out. I know I'll end up having to buy some converters to make my present sets work a while longer but if the prices drop the way I'm hoping (and money I've set aside is enough) I may just swap out all for new HDTV units, reducing somewhat the number of the sets I've got. The biggest question will be what the cable company does as far as their box rental seeing I only have one and am running most of my sets directly off the cable.