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Movies I missed this summer

There were several movies I had wanted to see this summer in the theatre.  I missed them all.

Harry Potter, The Borne Ultimatum, Stardust, Spidey 3, Fantastic 4 - Silver Surfer (out on DVD already!) to name a few ...

The one I didn't miss was Transformers.


I missed all of those also. Then they had Spidey 3, Fantastic 4 on my flight to Japan. No Harry Potter though.
How about "Tales from Earthsea"? I want to the DVD.
Out of all of those, all I managed to see was Stardust. I quite liked it, and will be picking up the book soon as well. :)
The only two from this list that I saw this summer were Harry Potter and Transformers. I somehow managed to miss all of the summer releases this year.
Don't feel bad. The total number of movies I've seen this year is 0! Yup, 10 months and not one movie outing. I keep looking at going but never quite get to it. In part I just don't have the incentive to watch one by myself. I keep building my DVD collection but even there I don't always get around to watching them until I can share them with someone else.
i saw them all but Bourne, I liked Stardust best I think of them all, went and sat it twice then found the original graphic novel.