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Furry Forever

Another Order probably going out this weekend.

I'm probably going to order myself some long sleeve flannel buttondown shirts while they are on sale.

Does anyone want to tag onto the order?

Here's what's currently on sale:



OK, what color?

Navy, Merlot (burgandy red), or Olive.

Figure on $27 each in total which covers all the shipping etc.
Merlot. Thanks!
Swift and I are probably going to get something. We are discussing it and should know later today/this morning.
Swift and I are interested in the "Long Sleeve Mercerized Jersey - Style 1236" (basically, long sleeved polo type shirt.)

What color choices do we have?

Whatever is on the site in your size. There is a wide color choice for the embroidery, I tend to choose stuff I like or think goes well. If you want a blue shirt with a bright pink paw, you can get it. I can not mix paw colors on the same color shirt (i.e. I can't have two blue shirts, one with a green paw and one with a red one. Both would have to be red or both green) I will not do a gold paw on black - that's reserved for Charity Auction items.

The 1236 would also be $27 each (to cover shipping from Queensboro and shipping to you)
OK, we'd like 2 large "White with Navy trim" shirts (the only color they have in size Large). For the Paw Print - Navy paw with White outline & infinity symbol.

I believe we can send the money via PayPal. (I think that's how we did it the last time we ordered something.) What is the address to use again?
That should look good.

PayPal is davidmcc@optonline.net
Payment sent Sunday night.
Let me know if there is a problem.

Thanks, Smrgol.
I'm kinda digging the idea of the zippered hoody (7608) in charcoal (large).
OK, that style would be $42.
I'll coordinate the paw color - how does a silver background with a dark gray graphic sound?
That sounds pretty awesome. =^.^=
Money sent, shipping address should be in the email. =^.^=


I goofed!

I owe you $5 - should have been $37 not $42

Will you be at MFF?

Scarf 9012

....could I possibly put an order in for that scarf ?

I ahve a thing for scarfs....I'm not sure if you'll be doing all that. lol.

-Led here from Silaria's Journal :3-

Re: Scarf 9012

Sure! $20 should cover it.

What Color(s) do you want?

OK The order goes out tonight - Tuesday Nov. 6th

If you still need to get me info on color etc. do so before 7PM EST.

If I don't have the info, I cannot order your stuff.

Ther Order has been Placed!

Expected delivery is at the end of the month, so you'll probably get your stuff by December 10th at the latest.

Sil, I had to substitute Style 1229 as I waited too long and missed out on the 1236 (2XL was all they had left). There is no change in price to you as it was my delay.