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I can't believe it's finished

For the last nine years I've been involved in one major project for the Architectural firm that I work for. It's the American Airlines Terminal #8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Yesterday I printed the last of the "As-Built" drawings and burned them to a CD for the Port Authority submittal. My part of the project is essentially over.

Nine Years.

I've seen the project from initial design through completion. 9/11 changed things, as did the following slump in air travel. Only 1.6 million of the proposed 2.2 million square feet have been built. The rest MAY be built, but not right away. I hope I will be involved.

I'm in demand up in the Connecticut office. I'm not worried about my job security. It just feels weird to be done with the project that has occupied about one third of my working career and 17% of my life.


I hope to utilize your terminal someday !