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Kirin 01 - portrait

There's an inch of snow on the ground.

Make it go away!



I'll trade you your snow for our cold. :)
Can I have some? I haven't seen proper snow in like years and years.

Seriously, I want snow. :D
Only an inch? We are expecting up to 16 inches here- already. So in a way, you are still the lucky ones. :)
Not to worry. That's just the warm up, the main event is sleet and freezing rain coming in tonight, at least up our way. That will be followed by snow tomorrow. Snow on top of ice, just what we need for a wonderful day of driving.
Had sleet and freezing rain here Saturday. It was all melted off by this morning.

Woulda been nice to see a little snow for this winter to make a good first impression.
All I got out of this storm was a pitiful showing of clouds and wind. The darn thing broke in two before hitting my location in South Carolina. It rained in both Georgia and North Carolina but not here.