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I'm still here!

But I've been busy!

I'm back to the Connecticut commute, so I've lost almost two hours of free time that I enjoyed while working at JFK.
(On the plus side I'm fast catching up on Podcasts and Audio books!)

Of course this leaves me pretty wiped out after the drive home and then dinner and dinner chores. So my World of Warcraft characters are sitting around getting fat in their various inns, I've been "hiding" in Second Life and have had no time to do anything in the Perfect World Beta release.

Since Dad has given up driving, at least one day of the weekend is now spent shopping with Mom. The other is spent doing stuff around the house and trying to catch up on MY errands and stuff.

I hope to post the annual tree lighting in a.l.f. sometime soon. It would be great if you folks from the old gang stopped by with an ornament or two. The place is dead. I think we could get the Homestead feel back if we tried. Snuhwolf still hangs around, but even he has mellowed somewhat. That tree will pretty much be it for my Christmas this year, we aren't doing anything here as nobody (yeah including me) seems to care.

Anyway, that's why you haven't seen much of me lately anywhere. I'm gonna try to be around more often but I'm not sure how that will pan out.

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